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Welcome to the
EduBlocks Python Curriculum

A completely free curriculum with everything you need to deliver six lessons using EduBlocks to help your students make the move from Scratch to Python in a fun and engaging way.

Lesson 1


  • Comparing Scratch & Python
  • Understand basic coding concepts
  • Learn about Algorithms/Sequencing
  • Introduction to EduBlocks

Lesson 2

Turtle + Iteration

  • Learn about Turtle
  • Draw shapes in Turtle
  • Draw a pattern in Turtle
  • Understand how iteration works

Lesson 3

User Input & Data Types

  • Learn about User Input in Python
  • Understand errors in Python
  • Learn about basic data types
  • Use logic in Python

Lesson 4


  • Learn what variables are
  • Use variables in a Python program
  • Learn how variables work
  • Learn how to use variables with Turtle

Lesson 5


  • Learn about Fuctions and Subroutines
  • Learn how to use arguments with functions
  • Understand how functions make code shorter
  • Use functions with Turtle

Lesson 6

Build a project

  • Build a project in Turtle
  • Apply knowledge learned in previous lessons
  • Examples and ideas of what project to build
  • Recap everything learned in the past six lessons

End of unit assessment

123 Coding Cards